Unique Eating: Mud St. Cafe

March 14th, 2010 by Sam Feldman

Ask anybody, they’ll tell you – Jeff and I love to eat! One of our favorite places to eat is Mud St. Cafe. Nestled right downtown at Main and Spring, we can walk there from Bridgeford House in about ten minutes – assuming we don’t end up stopping and talking to half a dozen people along the way – that happens here in Eureka…a lot.

Anyway, besides just fantastic food, Mud St. provides an atmosphere found nowhere else in Eureka – that of the underground. One of the very few places where you can see the underground (and actually DO something besides tour it), Mud St. Cafe provides an eclectic coffee house-type atmosphere that allows for complete relaxation and fun.

They have a gorgeous turn of the century oak bar with beveled mirrors and lots of local art on the walls. Throw in some oak tables and chairs, Victorian carpet and a cozy sitting area with magazines and newspapers and you’ve got a place where a lot of the locals plant their feet. There are two things I just love about Mud St.:  their cheeseburgers and the Trivial Pursuit cards on each of the tables!

Mud St. Cafe Dining Rooms

Mud St. Cafe does have a full bar and a wide selection of fresh, ground roast coffees. While I cannot speak for the taste of the coffee (I am NOT a coffee person), I have seen lots of happy sippers sitting among the tables.  I can speak of their lovely loose teas, served in nice hot tea pots with strainers – no teas bags here!

They are also very famous for their huge muffins and delectable desserts. So, since we know everyone that comes to Eureka Springs is planning on eating as many calories as possible because of our many fabulous restaurants (remember, you can walk it all off just by going up Mountain St. or Howell St. one time!), you might as well indulge in dessert at Mud St. after their wonderful lunch.

If you book a package with us that includes lunch in the historic downtown, it will be at Mud St. Cafe. Ask any local or any frequent visitor, and they’ll tell you how to find it. We’ll see you there…

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too! (except in the restaurant – haven’t been able to sneak her in…)

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