Ozark Medieval Fortress

May 30th, 2010 by Sam Feldman

We have the coolest things in the Ozark mountains – even a medieval castle! It’s actually a medieval castle being built, from the ground up, using only 13th century methods and materials:  hand-carved stones, felled oaks, forged tools and bare hands. The recent grand opening allowed the first glimpse at the general outline that has been completed in stone. Visiting the site visitors will see stonecutters, carpenters, rope makers, potters and carters, all dressed in 13th century garb. They will be constructing a real fortress with 24-foot high towers, a drawbridge, and 6-foot thick stone walls surrounding an expansive inner courtyard. And it will take 20 years to complete!

Ozark Medieval Fortress will provide a thrilling educational, scientific and emotional experience, with daily guided tours, workshops, exhibitions and special events, including re-enactments featuring tournaments, archery, falconry, and other medieval athletic pastimes.

The castle is only a little over an hour’s drive from Eureka Springs and the Bridgeford House. Come visit and watch history being made.

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

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