Yet Another New Murder Mystery Story in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

March 11th, 2012 by Sam Feldman

We love our Murder Mystery Weekends so much – and guests do, too – that we keep writing new ones! Our Murder Mystery author- extraordinary (Jeff) is just finishing up “The Noble Experiment”, a mystery that takes place during Prohibition.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has an interesting history during Prohibition, with lots of gangsters and illegal activity. So…what better story to have as a backdrop to a new murder mystery?

Synopsis:  Mob bosses; agents from the U.S. Bureau of Investigation, Federal Prohibition Enforcement Agency and State Police; federal, state and local politicians; and concerned citizens have gathered at the invitation of one of the nation’s most infamous “bootleggers”.
In an effort to spare the revered and sacrosanct resort of Eureka Springs from the horrendous illegal alcohol-fueled violence that has plunged New York, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Chicago into bloody chaos, a lottery has been proposed that will award the winner exclusive rights to the importation of prohibited goods into the resort town.
But before the lottery can be held, a heinous crime occurs that threatens to plunge the peaceful Ozarks into outright war.

Who dies and who did it?

With characters like “Hudson Duster” – also known as “Two Gun” – (Chief Financial Officer of the Irish Syndicate), “Ostap Filkowski” – AKA “One eye” – (2nd in command of Kielbasa Posse), or “Krzysztof Sprysak” (say that one three times real fast) – AKA “Clown Shoes” (Head bookie for Kielbasa Posse) – how can you not have fun ?

The inaugural weekend for this exciting new mystery is March 30 & 31st, 2012 – which is already booked up! But we look forward to the next MM weekend, which will be posted on our website soon (most likely in the middle of June). So watch for the date – or give us a call to put you on a wait list. Date will be posted this next week.

Until then – always keep an eye on us here in Eureka Springs – because there’s always murder afoot!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!


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