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Hiking, Biking, Peace and Beauty

November 27th, 2009 by Sam Feldman

As a lot of you know, Eureka Springs is surrounded by an abundance of beauty, of the natural variety. We are situated between two incredible rivers, the Kings River and the White River. To the north of us is Tablerock Lake. To the west of us is the gorgeous Beaver Lake.  And just between the town and Beaver Lake is a little pocket of city delight known as Lake Leatherwood.

Jeff and I took Sophie out recently for an afternoon out in the beautiful Ozark weather we were having. We picked one of the many trails cut through the woods surrounding this little lake, which led us all along the edge of the water. If we had not started to run out of sunlight, we would have made it half way around this little watery jewel (I like to think, anyway), but that was only one of the over 15 miles of trails. This park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is home to many fish and waterfowl, as well as bald eagles and many other species of birds and wildlife. There is light watercraft allowed on the water and paddle boats available during season. There is a WPA era diving platform, that advises that swimsuits must be worn(!).

This area is rapidly becoming known for mountain biking. Rave reviews have been posted on the Lake Leatherwood area and we have had quite a a few guests at the Bridgeford House who come with bikes strapped on their vehicles. And these are serious bikers!

Our afternoon jaunt through the woods surrounding the lake was enough to convince us that we needed to go back and explore a lot more of the area. Sophie did a nice job of tracking every animal that had ever crossed that path and obviously loved every minute of it. The air was clean, fresh and free. The noise level was on the lowest end of the scale, with only the calls of a few birds. And the views were intoxicating.

And all just a 10 minute drive from our front door…