101 Things to Do in Eureka Springs

Explore 101 Things to do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas & the 1884 Bridgeford House Bed and Breakfast:

  1. Relax in the garden and enjoy nature
  2. Squirrel watch
  3. Rock on the front porch
  4. Watch for deer on the back deck
  5. Read a book
  6. Shop downtown
  7. Eat downtown
  8. Visit an art gallery
  9. Take a train ride
  10. Visit Blue Spring Heritage Gardens
  11. Take a trolley ride
  12. Take a tram tour
  13. Go to the Pine Mountain Jamboree show
  14. Got to the Ozark Mountain Hoe-down show
  15. Fly high on the Ozark Mountain Zipline!
  16. Go the Intrigue Theater show at The Gavioli Chapel
  17. Watch a movie
  18. Play cards
  19. Cuddle by the fire
  20. Take a nap
  21. Hike the town trails
  22. Visit the historic Crescent Hotel
  23. Do the ghost tour at the Crescent Hotel
  24. Eat at the Grand Taverne at the Grand Central Hotel
  25. Have an adult beverage at the Tavern at Rogue’s Manor
  26. Play a board game
  27. Work on a puzzle
  28. Meditate
  29. Go on the Downtown Underground Tour
  30. Music at Chelsea’s Pub
  31. Take a carriage ride
  32. Visit Quigley’s Castle
  33. Take the Belle of the Ozarks boat ride on scenic Beaver Lake
  34. Fish at Beaver Dam
  35. Canoe The Kings River
  36. Go horseback riding and have a picnic lunch
  37. Visit the Historical Museum
  38. Visit Onyx Cave
  39. Play golf
  40. Visit Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville (less than 1 hour’s drive)
  41. Eat great catfish at Angler’s Grill out by the lake
  42. Have a snow cone
  43. Visit Inspiration Point and its antique shops
  44. Have your picture made at Judge Roy Beans
  45. Eat at Ermilio’s
  46. Eureka Springs Blues Weekend
  47. Take a tour on Eureka Springs Van Tours
  48. People watch at Local Flavor
  49. Visit the St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church – the only church that can only be entered through the bell tower
  50. Get a massage
  51. Visit the “Voices from the Silent City” at Halloween in the cemetery
  52. Watch the leaves turn orange and red
  53. Eat a funnel cake
  54. Walk the Historic District
  55. Listen to street musicians
  56. Get a fake tattoo
  57. Get a real tattoo
  58. Get off the beaten path and walk the streets over on East Mountain
  59. Go pet the rabbit at “East Meets West” and let it give you change
  60. Get re-acquainted with your spouse
  61. Get married
  62. Get married again!
  63. Sing karaoke at the Lumberyard
  64. Take another nap
  65. Soak in a Jacuzzi
  66. Watch the bank robbery re-enactment
  67. Sip a glass of wine
  68. Brew a cup of tea
  69. Eat some chocolate
  70. Do nothing
  71. Rock and clear your mind
  72. Drive scenic Hwy 23
  73. Play chess
  74. Burn off breakfast calories – climb Mountain St.
  75. Go to the Bluegrass festival
  76. Take a day trip to Branson, MO
  77. Watch the antique car show
  78. Watch the Corvette parade
  79. Stroll the streets and look at the Christmas lights
  80. Take pictures of the flowers in the spring
  81. War Eagle Arts & Crafts Festival
  82. Breathe in the wonderful mountain air
  83. Take a nap – yes, again!
  84. Drink champagne
  85. Talk with friends
  86. Make new friends
  87. Eat a caramel apple at the Chocolate Factory
  88. Visit the springs
  89. Shop out on Hwy 62
  90. Visit Turpentine Creek – over 100 big cats
  91. Go see the Great Passion Play
  92. See a concert
  93. Get a hot rock treatment
  94. Hike the trails at Lake Leatherwood
  95. Hold hands
  96. Snuggle
  97. Buy a bottle of Arkansas wine
  98. Listen to the garden waterfall
  99. Visit Thorncrown Chapel
  100. Read the Lovely County Citizen Police Beat
  101. Check out all the historical architecture

And there’s plenty more things to do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  If you need ideas, just ask!