Murder Mystery

Eureka Springs Murder Mystery Weekend Events at Our Inn

The owners of the Bridgeford House Bed & Breakfast Inn love to have fun along with their guests, as does the 1881 Crescent Cottage, our partner in crime. Our Eureka Springs Murder Mystery Weekend events are a delight for all participants.

You’re Invited to a Murder!

At this time, we do not have a specific date set for another Murder Mystery weekend, but let us know if you have a group of friends or family that would like to book a weekend for one of these exciting (and fun!) weekends and we can come up with a date together. We would need a minimum of 3 rooms booked at each inn (12 people total).

Here’s our latest fun video about our Eureka Springs Murder Mystery Weekend!

Here is a synopsis of each of our Murder Mystery stories, all written by Bridgeford House Bed and Breakfast’s own innkeeper, Jeff Feldman:

The Conrail Affair:

1905: The arrival of the railroad means an increase in population growth, property values and business expansion heretofore unknown in the town. Most city residents welcome and anticipate the boon to their city with the arrival of the railroad. To these people, Cyrus K. Conrail is a hero, as the railroad was nearly built to a nearby town one hundred miles to the east, bypassing Eureka Springs.
However, the coming of the railroad is not without controversy. There are several city groups and individuals opposed to the coming of the railroad: A conservationist group concerned that the railroad will spoil the natural beauty of the area, a reactionary group opposed to progress and technology in general, a women’s temperance group against the threat of saloons that might arise from increased travel, six property owners that lost ownership of parcels of land to eminent domain for the rail right-of-way, and three individuals who claim to have been cheated when selling their land. Then there are the greedy and covetous friends and relatives of Mr. Cyrus K. Conrail, a man who would never describe himself as a paragon of virtue and civility, much less be described as such by his family, friends, and business associates…

The French Flying Machine:

1912: The incredibly rich, brash and adventurous Viscount Earnest d’Archdeacon of Josselin (France) has flown to the scenic mountain burg of Eureka Springs, United States of America, to visit his good friend and fellow aviator, Curtis Glenn. The Viscount has invited the crème de la crème of aviation society across the globe to witness the presentation of and to seek investors for his revolutionary aircraft engine design, aviation fuel, fuselage material, and instrument design. Some of the invitees see the Viscount’s designs as great innovation and progress. Others see the Viscount’s plans as a threat to US aviation superiority. And who invited that shadowy government type? All gather at the plush Glenn mansion for a pre-presentation cocktail party. Suddenly, the Viscount’s plans stall. Who clips the Viscount’s wings and why? There’s something on the wing! Is it a… body?

The Sure Pop Oil Well Scandal:

1921: Copious amounts of oil, “black gold”, has been unearthed in nearby El Dorado, Arkansas. Newspapers abound with favorable geological reports from the Arkansas Ozarks, specifically the Eureka Springs area. These reports, along with several on-site visits, have prompted Chicago oil tycoon Henry Huttleston to purchase mineral rights for land in Eureka Springs and initiate the sale of shares in a drilling rig planned for the targeted property. Local townspeople cause shares in the Sure Pop Oil Company Well #1 to fly out the door of the company office. It seems that everyone has purchased a stake in the well about to be drilled. In order to celebrate the completion of the well, major stakeholders have been invited to a party by Huttleston in thanks for their support and hard earned cash. It seems that “dreams do come true,” as the “Sure Pop” oil well #1 is ready to produce instant liquid riches for all. Residents and businesses from the local saloon keeper to the bank president stand to profit handsomely from the discovery and production of this sought after slick liquid money. Not everyone is happy with the discovery of oil and the wealth it will bring to Eureka Springs. Some residents fear an explosion of drinking, gambling and womanizing, and the uncontrolled growth of the city. All is not as it seems, though. Greed, lies and treachery rear their ugly head. Will the “gusher” be a “fizzler”? Will “black gold” make “dark souls”, black enough to kill?

The Noble Experiment:

1930: Happy Birthday! The Wartime Prohibition Act in the U.S. is 11 years old today! Mob bosses, agents from the U.S. Bureau of Investigation, Federal Prohibition Enforcement Agency and State Police; federal, state and local politicians; and concerned citizens have gathered at the invitation of one of the nation’s most infamous “bootleggers.” In an effort to spare the revered and sacrosanct resort of Eureka Springs from the horrendous illegal alcohol-fueled violence that has plunged New York, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Chicago into bloody chaos, a lottery has been proposed that will award the winner exclusive rights to the importation and control of prohibited goods, gambling and the sex trade into Arkansas. But before the lottery can be held, a heinous crime occurs that threatens to plunge the peaceful Ozark and Ouachita Mountains into outright war.

Who dies and who did it?

A Eureka Springs Murder Mystery Weekend

Hosted by

The 1881 Crescent Cottage Inn Bed and Breakfast


The 1884 Bridgeford House Bed and Breakfast


Eureka Springs, Arkansas

“America’s Victorian Village”

As a participant during the weekend, you will assume the character of one the invitees. Your character and active role-playing will be important to the solution of the mystery.

The Eureka Springs Murder Mystery Weekend package includes:

  • Two night stay (Friday and Saturday) at one inn (price dependent on room)
  • Cocktail party with heavy appetizers/reception Friday afternoon to kick-off the mystery
  • Full breakfast each morning at your inn
  • Dessert and clue discovery gathering Saturday morning
  • Around-town clue hunt in the afternoon
  • Buffet dinner Saturday night where, after you’ve done your sleuthing, you’ll get a chance to expose the murderer!

Bridgeford House Package Price for two: $439-579, depending on the room. (Please check with The 1881 Crescent Cottage Inn for their package prices.)

Reservations: Please call us at our toll-free number 888-567-2422 to reserve your Bed and Breakfast Murder Mystery Package at the Bridgeford House. We will need to give and get information that we cannot obtain from our on-line reservation system. There is room for 18 total participants, and reservations will be made on a first-come, first serve basis. To reserve this weekend we require a 50% deposit. Please contact The 1881 Crescent Cottage Inn at 800-223-3246 to book accommodations there. Reservations at the Bridgeford House are subject to all other policies as stated on this website.

Murder Mystery Weekend Cancellation Policy: There is a $75.00 non-refundable cancellation fee for all Murder Mystery Weekend reservations made, regardless of cancellation date. Because individual participation is critical to the success and enjoyment for all our guests, cancellations received after 3 weeks PRIOR to the MM weekend will result in forfeiture of the 50%. No refunds can be given on the forfeited deposit. Canceled reservations are also subject to all other policies as stated on this website.

Please call us at 888-567-2422 if you have any questions about our Murder Mystery Weekend.

This Murder Mystery Weekend is rated “M” for some mature themes.