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Eureka Gras 2014 – True Mardi Gras in Eureka Fashion!

February 10th, 2014 by Sam Feldman

Come join us for Eureka Gras 2014! If you can’t make it to New Orleans, coming to Eureka Springs’s Mardi Gras celebrations is the next best thing! We have true New Orleans transplants here that know how to make it happen and know how to party.

Eureka Gras 2014

Eureka Gras 2014

We have parties and balls (no less than five of them!), TWO parades (includes a night parade), Jazz brunch, coronations, art receptions, wine tastings, costume contests and more! Check the website for the full schedule.

Just about all festivities are within walking distance of us here at the inn, so check today to see about booking your favorite room! If something is too far to walk, we’ll recommend a taxi for you (yes, we have them here in town!). There’s more than one way to get around town. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie and Fiona, too!

Eureka Gras 2014

EurekaGras Mardi Gras!

December 2nd, 2012 by Sam Feldman

You can’t find a better MardiGras celebration north of New Orleans than what we produce right here in Eureka Springs! Organized by tried and true New Orleans transplants, EurekaGras is the real thing, with an activity-packed schedule, from January 5th to February 12th, 2013.

Bridgeford House Bed and Breakfast Enjoys EurekaGras!









This is truly a New Orleans style Mardi Gras setting in the beautiful Ozarks within the Downtown area of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This event, in its seventh year, has grown phenomenally and is now deep rooted in the Victorian Town with up and down curly-Q streets. The Krewe of Krazo, OZARK spelled backwards, welcomes visitors and locals -” Laissez les bon temps Rouler”, Let the Good Times Roll!
If you like to party, love to watch people, and just generally love to have a good time, plan a visit to Eureka Springs during one of these MardiGras events. You can walk to almost everything from our place!
Warmest regards,
Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

Mardi Gras in Eureka Springs, 2012!

December 20th, 2011 by Sam Feldman

Thanks to the “Krewe of Krazo” (that’s “Ozark” spelled backwards), there is truly a New Orleans-style Mardi Gras setting here in the beautiful Ozarks within the downtown area of Eureka Springs, AR. This event, in its seventh year, has grown phenomenally and is now deeply rooted in the Victorian town with our up and down and curly-Q streets. So if you’re looking for some good fun in the doldrums of wintertime – and always think Eureka is too quiet during the winter – check out the Mardi Gras schedule below:

Sunday, January 8: King’s Day Kickoff
Saturday, January 28: Christening the Floats
Saturday, February 11: Taste of N’Awlins
Thursday, February 16: Hookers & Jokers Ball
Friday, February 17: Coronation Ball
Saturday, February 18: Downtown Parade
Saturday, February 18: Costume Contests
Saturday, February 18: Beaux Art Ball
Sunday, February 19: Jazz Brunch
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, February 19, 20 & 21: ArtiGras
Monday, February 20: Artists Reception
Tuesday, February 21: Krazo 2nd Line Pub Crawl
Tuesday, February 21: St. ‘Lizbeth Cajun Ball

For more details on when and where, click here.

Most everything is within walking distance of us here at the Bridgeford House, so it won’t matter if you imbibe a little bit. So – Laissez les bon temps Rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!


The 2011 Eureka Springs Season is Gearing Up!

March 6th, 2011 by Sam Feldman

It’s early March and we just had an awesome Mardi Gras parade yesterday, with all kinds of Mardi Gras activities continuing during this next week.

But also this week we have our two fabulous music shows opening back up, the Pine Mountain Jamboree and the Ozark Mountain Hoedown, which is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year! Both shows feature incredible musicians and lots of laid back comedy.

The 18th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is coming up this next week – wow, two parades only a week apart! And both involve Pub Crawls. No place better than that then Eureka Springs. That’s downtown Saturday, March 12th at 2:00 p.m. It’s very easy walking distance from the inn. That same day they’ll be running the 29th Annual Victorian Classic Road Race.

Don’t forget this time of year is the very popular Spring Antique Show, in it’s 15th year.

And that’s only in the next couple of weeks! Wait until we really start warming up! (Pun intended!)

Warmest regards,


Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

Mardi Gras 2011 – Eureka Springs Style!

December 31st, 2010 by Sam Feldman

For all of those who know that we are unique here in Eureka Springs, AR, you probably already know that you don’t have to go all the way down to New Orleans to enjoy Mardi Gras! We have a full schedule right here in town, organized by our #1 Cajun himself, Dan Ellis.

Festivities start as early as January 8th with the revealing of the new King and Queen for 2011, at the Rowdy Beaver. On March 3, come join us for the Hookers and Jokers ball, where the theme will be the “Gay 90′s” or “Guys and Dolls” (around here we always have “Freakin’ Eurekan” as an option, too!). On March 4, we’ll have the Coronation Royalty Ball where royalty will be crowned. What better place than at the beautiful Crescent Hotel. Saturday, March 5, finds us enjoying the Mardi Gras parade through the streets of our wonderful historic downtown. One of our favorite parts of the parade is the canine parade (okay, Sophie’s favorite), called the Krewe of Barkus. Eureka loves a parade – all visitors are invited to dress up and join us! That evening will be a masquerade ball, finishing off Sunday with the Jazz Brunch New Orleans style. Oh, wait…it appears no one ever wants to stop…there is even a Pub Crawl in the week following and who knows what else. We sure do love to party here.

See the full schedule here.

So make your plans to come. We are walking distance to all the festivities, so come stay with us, park the car, and get out and have a good time.

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

Eureka Springs Mardi Gras Extravaganza!

February 1st, 2010 by Sam Feldman

The king and queen have been crowned and the festivities begin! Yes, Eureka Springs does do Mardi Gras in style and if you love that kind of party but can’t travel as far south as New Orleans, be sure to come to Eureka this week! The party begins this Thursday, February 4th, with the Coronation Royalty Ball! By reservation only, this high-class event takes place at the Crescent Hotel and includes a champagne buffet supper!

On Friday, February 5th, don’t miss the Hookers and Jokers Ball at the Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center. There will be costumes galore and all visitors are invited to join in the fun! “Gay 90′s”, “Guys and Dolls” or “Freakin’ Eurekan” are all acceptable themes – and all open to interpretation! If you are familiar with Eureka Springs at all – you know we’re not kidding!

And if you can’t make it before than, be sure to watch the parade on Saturday, February 6th, at 2 p.m. Queuing up right on Spring St., just a block from the Bridgeford House Bed & Breakfast, everyone is invited to join in! Even your dog is invited to join the “Krewe of Barkus” participating in the parade! Come see Sophie as “Miss Joker”!

And on Sunday, February 7th, back at the Crescent Hotel, join us for the Jazz Brunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

And if you still haven’t managed to leave town before Tuesday, February 16th, you have to join the Fat Tuesday Pub Krawl – easy to do in downtown Eureka! Doesn’t matter how far you make it – somebody’ll pick you up!

For full details, schedule and lots of photos, visit the Krewe of Krazo’s site (that’s “Ozark” spelled backwards).

Where else can you have such fun than in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where “Freakin’ Eurekan” is a household name…

Come see us!

Nadara (Sam) & Jeff – and Sophie, too!!