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Friendships Part 2

December 3rd, 2009 by Sam Feldman

Okay, so the goofy people I told you about in a previous blog came to visit us this past weekend, their usual Thanksgiving visit to celebrate their anniversary (which they normally spend mostly with us-how romantic!). We spend a lot of time downtown eating and walking around and just visiting. We also spend a certain amount of the evening time playing Scrabble. I am a novice at Scrabble, however I want it known that I kicked butt this time! I am up against one of the most devious Scrabble players in history, to be known from now until forever as Dan “the Bunnycoat man” Riemer. “Bunnycoat” was his first attempt, last year, to slip under the radar of the Scrabble police. It didn’t work. We did, of course, challenge the use of the word “bunnycoat” and further exploration in all dictionarys handy proved him wrong. The fact that he also tried to play the word while half the letters ran off the board put him down for the count.

This time, I have proof. The new word, “gasquail”, also failed to pass muster. (And the image that produces is mind-boggling!)

"gasquail" in Scrabble New Age

So for any of you Scrabble players in St. Louis, watch out for Dan. He would cheat your one-legged grandma. For the Scrabble players here in beautiful Eureka Springs, AR, come play at our house!