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Girlfriends Getaways

March 17th, 2014 by Sam Feldman

Even though we had 3″ of snow yesterday, right before St Patrick’s Day, we are looking forward to an awesome spring and summer season that is coming soon! And what better way to spend it than to have your best girlfriend(s) come to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for some girlfriends getaways!

 Girlfriends Getaways

Girlfriends GetawaysCome get your nails done, get a massage, enjoy a sauna, shop, drink, party, nap, play games, hike, see the tigers, dance the night away, walk back to your comfy bed – or take a limo! Eat chocolate, read a good book or giggle over the pictures in a magazine, watch a scary movie, ride the trolley, go on a ghost tour, do the ziplines, kayak, canoe, get your photos together in costume at Judge Roy Beans, get a tattoo, sing Karaoke, see the Victorian magic show, gorge on a large breakfast, stay up late and drink wine outside on your private deck, visit an art gallery, shop some more…there is so much for the ladies to do in Eureka Springs, Ar, we could go on and on!

We love to have girlfriends, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces – and all combinations of that wonderful female bond – come stay with us! We love it when you take over the house! We love it when you’re happy – that makes us happy!

We have lots of special packages you could add to make your visit complete, including a special Girlfriends Getaway package. And don’t forget – you can always cuddle with Sophie and Fiona!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie and Fiona, too!




B and B’s – A Better Way to Stay

April 5th, 2012 by Sam Feldman

March 26th, 2012

There have long been many myths surrounding bed and breakfasts and what they may be like. In order to combat that, Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) has launched a campaign known as “A Better Way to Stay” – or any other words, “Death to the Doily”!

While you might find one (or maybe even two) doilies at the Bridgeford House, you will also find updated and luxurious private bathrooms, all with showers and some with jetted tubs (big enough for two!), 26″ flatscreen TVs with built-in DVD player (and a big selection of up-to-date movies), refrigerators, microwaves and coffee pots in every room (you never have to leave your room if you don’t want to, since we also supply you with coffee, tea, popcorn, cocoa and home-baked treats) AND a huge homemade breakfast served on fine china and gold flatware.

We also have FREE Wi-Fi, iPhone/iPod Docking Alarm Clocks, luxurious linens, soft and fluffy towels, gorgeous views, easy access to the historic downtown (either by feet or by trolley) and we’re on site and available for when you need something we didn’t think to provide for you ahead of time – and we’ll remember your name! How many hotels (let alone a motel!) can give you that?

So spread the word – B and B’s really ARE A Better Way to Stay – follow them on Twitter and Facebook and keep up-to-date with current news and promotions on what the B&B industry has to offer. Don’t believe those myths – because we’ve blown them away!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

Friendly Eureka Springs, AR – and “Just Between Friends” Shopping!

June 26th, 2011 by Sam Feldman

A couple of years ago Jeff bought me an anniversary gift that consisted of a leather thong bracelet and one bead. The bead was gorgeous but I thought he had forgotten to buy the rest of the jewelry! Turns out he got this “starter kit” at Just Between Friends, one of my favorite shops in downtown Eureka Springs, AR. And now, guess what? I’m always going down to Just Between Friends and adding beads and spacers to my bracelet. I almost have a full one now and there are so many to choose from, I will probably have to start another one.

“Pandora Jewelry: Life’s magic moments. Carry them as a collection of wonderful memories in a bracelet of charms or in a necklace and make them last forever. Beautifully hand-finished charms made in sterling silver and 14K gold with genuine gemstones give you limitless possibilities for styling and mixing to match both the occasion and your personality. Put them together on a silver or gold chain, or a fabric or leather string, and make your unforgettable moments last forever.

Pandora Jewelry is one of the world’s three largest jewelery brands in 2009, and is present in over 40 different countries around the world. Well positioned within the affordable luxury segment of the fine jewelery market, Pandora Jewelry offers modern, high quality, hand finished products.”

Next time you’re visiting Eureka, stop by and tell Marsha hi, and start a bracelet or necklace of your own! And, yes, they have other fabulous things, I’m just afraid to look at anything else…

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

Massage Therapy Heaven

April 18th, 2010 by Sam Feldman

If there is one thing that Sam loves, it’s a wonderful massage. If there’s one thing that Eureka Springs has, it’s incredible massage therapists. Bridgeford House Bed & Breakfast is centrally located to just about all the great therapists in our spa town. We have quite a few packages that offer massage therapy and therapy extras along with a lot of other goodies (dinner out, carriage rides, lingerie certificates – the list goes on and on!). We are happy to direct you to any spa that may meet your needs.

Sam’s “personal” massage therapist is Alexa Pittenger, of Eureka Massage and Wellness Therapies. Along with a wonderful, soothing atmosphere, Alexa combines hot towels, music that vibrates through your heated table, shoulder and knee pads, aromatherapy, hot rocks and a variety of lotions – and no talking!!!! In addition, she also specializes in other types of work such as biofeedback, lymphatic therapy and reflexology.

We often send ladies on a girlfriends’ getaway up to the New Moon Spa at the historic Crescent Hotel, just a few minutes walk from the Bridgeford House, for a full “spa” experience complete with manicures and pedicures. The “Full Radiance” that is included in the “Chill Out Girls’ Getaway” includes a 1-hour massage, pure focus facial massage and a hand & foot treatment. Scrubs, polishes and saunas can be added on easily.

Gryhon’s Roost, another of our favorites that’s easy to get to on your way from us to downtown and has a wonderful couple’s room, provides a wonderful atmostphere and great therapy. And even though Jeff won’t allow Sam to go try every therapist in town (stingy, isn’t he?), we have heard nothing but absolutely wonderful things about each and every one of them, so come get relaxed!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!


November 13th, 2009 by Sam Feldman

One of the things that we didn’t realize when we first went into innkeeping at Bridgeford House was the lasting friendships that we would develop with our guests. Over the past seven years, we have made friends with some of the most wonderful people. They send cards and gifts when they are not here and quite a few have sent gifts to our two dogs, Chelsea (since passed on) and our new one, Sophie.

Chelsea Feldman




One of the most lasting friendships is with a couple that is from St. Louis. The first Thanksgiving that we had the inn, November, 2002, we had a couple come stay with us who had just gotten married on Thanksgiving and came down to our place for their honeymoon. Very close to our age, this couple was so outwardly friendly and just plain goofy that we laughed over everything they said. The groom, at one point, decided to carry his new bride up our garden stairs (which are old rock steps). He ended up dropping her and she hit her head on the side of the house – we are still laughing about that today – they just made it so funny with their antics re-enacting the whole thing repeatedly! We had so much fun, they ended up coming back in six months and they started a tradition of bringing us a china plate each time to use for our guests’ treats. They come every year and we go shopping, go out to eat, play games in the parlor, watch town parades, sightsee and just generally live it up. We have even visited them twice now in St. Louis. I know this friendship will last beyond innkeeping.

Crazy people...

Crazy people...

We also have two ladies that usually visit us every year around the fall. They are best friends from way back that now live in different parts of the country. They discovered us about six years ago and have come back ever since, again always bringing gifts! This year they brought Sophie, whom they had not yet met, a present all wrapped up. Somehow, Sophie knew that was her present and she kept grabbing it and trying to drag it out of my hands. We spent many hours with these ladies laughing, talking, and playing with the dog. They are gracious, kind and lovely people, as are all our guests. We thank them all for many happy memories.

Ladies – Get Away!

October 29th, 2009 by Sam Feldman

This past weekend we again hosted a group of ladies from Little Rock that come at the same time every year – must be the 6th year in a row, we decided. I’m always tickled at how much fun women can have together.

Lots of laughter at breakfast

Lots of laughter at breakfast

Now here at Bridgeford House Bed and Breakfast we love to host ladies’ get-togethers. To have the whole house full of giggling and going back and forth between the rooms reminds me of slumber parties when I was a kid! And what’s better than being a kid again? To top it off, you get to go shopping! Now these ladies also have my favorite massage therapist (Alexa Pittenger) come in and give them chair massages in the parlor. Again, what better way to spend your time?

Come for a couple of days during the week, book the whole house for the weekend, take your pick! We love it. We have fireplaces, whirlpool baths, cocoa, tons of paperbacks, games and puzzles and lots of room to spread out. We’ll be glad to order in pizza for you. No kids, no husbands and a “rent-a-dog” (for treats) right on the premises, eager to cuddle up in any lap that will have her. (No, she is not allowed to go home with you. Folks have tried. Yes, she will fit in a suitcase but will probably eat your underwear.)

Sophie with guest

Sophie with guest

So come enjoy – let your hair down!