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Eureka Springs Kite Festival at Turpentine Creek

March 4th, 2012 by Sam Feldman

March 24th will mark the 22nd Annual Eureka Springs Kite Festival at Turpentine Creek in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Here’s  a fun video about one of Turpentine Creek’s residents and the kite festival itself:

By the way, that cute staff member is our youngest daughter, Jessica, who worked at Turpentine Creek for several years!

The Kite Festival is that Saturday, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. You’ll have plenty of time to fly kites, visit lions and tigers and bears – oh, my! and be back in the historic downtown in time for a lovely dinner at one of our many wonderful restaurants. We’ll be happy to give you some recommendations.

You can’t walk to Turpentine Creek from our place but, as many of you know, you can walk to just about anywhere else! So bring your kite – remember, March is supposed to be windy!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

Turpentine Creek’s Tiger Release

December 16th, 2009 by Sam Feldman

Check out Turpentine Creek’s most recent podcast, which shows 3 tigers being released into new habitats. What beautiful animals! Go to to donate to this worthy organization. And come to Eureka Springs to see them up close and personal!

Recession Vacations

July 27th, 2009 by Sam Feldman

With the economy having the characteristics of a perpetual roller coaster, a four-day vacation to our neck of the woods (and, boy, do we have woods!) is just the ticket! Inexpensive, relaxing, fun-filled and just plain gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe what a vacation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, can be like.

We have found that quite a few reservations here lately have been four-day jaunts for folks that are within a day’s drive. To make the budget even happier, we here at the 1884 Bridgeford House Bed and Breakfast Inn offer that fourth night 1/2 off! You don’t even have to ask for it, we’ll just automatically give it to you. And remember what else you get that is included in your inn stay, no extra charge: A full-size, 4-course breakfast each morning (which most guests say fill them up so much they never eat any lunch – see, we save you money right there!), home-baked treats placed on your bed each afternoon (helps hold you over from the skipped lunch until dinner out at one of our many fabulous unique restaurants in town), cold soft drinks and cold bottled water in your room’s refrigerator which we replenish each and every day, and popcorn in your room for a late-night snack.

And the amount of things to do in Eureka Springs and the surrounding area are phenomenal. Just to name the top few: Shopping in our beautiful downtown historic district at truly unique boutique shops and wonderful art galleries, visiting one of our many fabulous day spas, eating at one of over 75 restaurants, attending ghost tours, canoeing or rafting on not one, but two different rivers, renting a boat on beautiful Beaver Lake or taking the lake sightseeing tour cruise on the Belle of the Ozarks, climbing through one the many caves in the area (there are five or six just within an hour’s drive and one right here in town!). Should I go on? Okay – there is incredible outdoor and free music every day in our beautiful Basin Spring Park right downtown, there is world-class fishing on Beaver Lake, complete with guide if you desire, there is historic architecture to view on unbelievably beautiful walking paths throughout downtown, incredible art to view and buy from our large and talented artistic community, there’s horseback riding, there’s a railroad with dinner and lunch rides, there’s our wonderful large cat refuge right outside of town, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, there’s…there’s too much to even do in four days! But at least come get started!

Warmest regards,

Sam and Jeff (and Sophie, of course!)