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Pine Mountain Jamboree – A Hopping Good Music Variety Show!

September 18th, 2011 by Sam Feldman

Since 1975 folks have been visiting and enjoying the Pine Mountain Jamboree for its music:  Rock and roll, bluegrass, country, blues and gospel. What you may not know is how funny they are! They have the distinction of being Arkansas’ first and most attended family show and when entertainer Scott Dewbre gets going with his antics and his costumes, there’s not a sad face in the crowd.

Mike and Dale Bishop are the mainstays of the show, a long-time married couple that have spent their whole marriage touring and making music for folks. Along with Scott, they have an incredibly talented cast of musicians that not only play their particular instruments but have some of the most beautiful voices ever heard this side of the Mississippi. Their variety of music appeals to all and their comedy is rip-roaring and clean (which is awfully hard to find nowadays!)

Their season runs March through December, six days a week (closed on Sundays), with a few more closed days in November. From November 10th through the closing date for the season of December 10th, they will be performing their special Christmas show, which are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit.

Adults are $24.00 each, which includes tax, and children under 12 are free. They have a wonderful gift shop in their lobby, which will have you shopping for an hour. Of course, there is a concession stand and the popcorn is free!

We are happy to make reservations for you for the show during your stay with us, so don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll have a wonderful time and go to sleep that night with dancing feet and a light heart!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

The 2011 Eureka Springs Season is Gearing Up!

March 6th, 2011 by Sam Feldman

It’s early March and we just had an awesome Mardi Gras parade yesterday, with all kinds of Mardi Gras activities continuing during this next week.

But also this week we have our two fabulous music shows opening back up, the Pine Mountain Jamboree and the Ozark Mountain Hoedown, which is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year! Both shows feature incredible musicians and lots of laid back comedy.

The 18th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is coming up this next week – wow, two parades only a week apart! And both involve Pub Crawls. No place better than that then Eureka Springs. That’s downtown Saturday, March 12th at 2:00 p.m. It’s very easy walking distance from the inn. That same day they’ll be running the 29th Annual Victorian Classic Road Race.

Don’t forget this time of year is the very popular Spring Antique Show, in it’s 15th year.

And that’s only in the next couple of weeks! Wait until we really start warming up! (Pun intended!)

Warmest regards,


Jeff and Nadara (Sam) Feldman – and Sophie, too!

Eureka’s Fabulous Music Shows!

July 4th, 2010 by Sam Feldman

If you have not been to either of our incredibly talented music shows here in town, you are in for a treat. Rivaling anything in Branson, or anywhere else for that matter, the Pine Mountain Jamboree and the Ozark Mountain Hoedown features some of the most talented musicians on either side of the Mississippi.

Mike & Dale, your hosts of the Pine Mountain Jamboree, will welcome you with open arms and serenade you with bluegrass, country, gospel and rock-n-roll. Their band is fabulous and those guys have some incredible voices! Watch out for Scott’s antics, you will laugh yourself out of your seat. And you can’t beat getting free popcorn.!

Down the road at the Ozark Mountain Hoedown, P. Nutt, Ponytail, Girl, and Granny play off the audience each night and you never know what might happen. Besides the fabulous musicians (I love a good fiddle player and theirs is world-class), their comedy will have you rolling in the aisle. They are absolutely the best at one-liners and ad-libbing with their audience, so be careful if you sit on the front row!

Don’t miss either one of these when you come visit Eureka. They are just fabulous good, clean shows. You can purchase tickets directly from their box offices or you can add them to your reservations with us online or by phone and we’ll be happy to get them all taken care of for you – either way, just go see ‘em!

Warmest regards,

Jeff and Nadara (Sam) – and Sophie, too!

New Mid-Week Pricing for our Arkansas Bed & Breakfast

August 14th, 2009 by Sam Feldman

As the end of the summer approaches, we have decided it’s a good time to look at offering mid-week discounts. Here at the Bridgeford House B & B,  Sundays and Thursdays are now $10 off the regular rate and staying a Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday will save you $20 to $30 off a room per night, depending on the room! Mid-week is a great time to come see Eureka Springs:  less traffic, less people. It’s the quiet peacefulness of Eureka that those of us that are blessed to live here get to experience. 

There is still plenty to do during the week. The Great Passion Play is open every night except Sunday and Wednesday, the Pine Mountain Jamboree has a show every night except Sunday and the Ozark Mountain Hoedown is closed only on Tuesday nights. So no matter what night you are here, there’s always something going on! We are happy to make any show reservations for you and they are all wonderful!

We are having such a good time this summer with all our wonderful guests that have come visiting. Some of them have been with us many times and we always enjoy them coming back. Whatever you need to make your getaway special, please let us know! And we hope by saving you money with mid-week specials will be a good place to start!

Warmest regards,

Sam and Jeff (and Sophie, of course!)