The Deep History of Our Eureka Springs, Arkansas B&B

Bridgeford House is a Eureka Springs, Arkansas B&B with a charming history that dates to the mid-1800s.

Located in the largest historic district in the United States, the Bridgeford House was built by Captain John Bridgeford and his wife Mary after the Civil War. The Bridgefords were prominent residents of Eureka Springs, well known for their hospitality. Captain John Bridgeford was referred to as “that large, jolly gentleman who lived on Spring Street.” The nickname “Uncle John” was bestowed upon him by the town’s many children, as he always had sweets and tall tales. They were also the managers of a small hotel down the street, the Pence House, which burned down many years ago. There is an article framed in the Captain Bridgeford room about the Bridgefords and the Pence House. There are also several pictures of Mary Bridgeford in the Mary Bridgeford room. The house has been a popular Eureka Springs, Arkansas B&B since the late 1980′s.