Your Hosts

Meet the Innkeepers of This Premier Eureka Springs, Arkansas B & B

Nadara (“Sam”) and Jeff Feldman are your hosts at Bridgeford House.  They are dedicated to providing you with the finest Eureka Springs, Arkansas B & B stay possible.

Sam and Jeff are refugees from Richardson, Texas. Sam was a Marine brat who moved quite a bit in her lifetime, so settling down in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with all the beauty and simplicity has suited her well. Jeff, who moved to Texas at 15 from Minneapolis, MN, feels more at home here than he ever did in the big city. He retired from 7-Eleven Stores (formerly Southland Corporation) after 27 years, after having learned top-notch customer service. Sam and Jeff met working at a 7-Eleven office (yes, an office romance…) but eventually Sam went on to have her own bookkeeping business before deciding a B & B was the thing! (Ask Jeff sometime how he learned he was going to be a bed and breakfast owner!) Jeff and Sam love to pamper guests at their Eureka Springs Arkansas B & B, so please let them!

Countess Sophie Marie became our “assistant innkeeper” at 12 weeks old, in August of 2008. Now that she is grown, we decided she needed an assistant of her own – so in the fall of 2013, we welcomed Lady Fiona Glenanne (for you “Burn Notice” fans!). They honestly believe all guests at our Eureka Springs, Arkansas B & B are here for them, so they will happily greet you at the door. We encourage anyone and everyone to play and snuggle with them. It is not a requirement (although they think so!).